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What Does it Take to Be a Sexy Wedding Planner?
A sexy wedding planner has both a creative and logistical mind. She knows what’ll fill a dance floor and what will have guests lulled back into their seats.

She’s the person that creates your full, minute-by-minute wedding day timeline. She also offers recommendations for every wedding professional from caterers to florists.

She’s sexy and stylish
If you’ve ever seen a Hollywood wedding movie, then chances are you’ve imagined a sexy nuptial planner wearing really sexy business suits and dictating to the couple about how their big day should be organised. Then she breaks up their impending marriage when she falls for the groom.

Real life wedding planners are much more down to earth, of course. But they can still be very stylish. Take Michaela, who runs Clear Hearts Planning, for example. She specialises in alternative weddings for “awesome freaks, geeks, weirdos, metallers and punk rockers”.

Style your sexy wedding guest dress with minimal strappy sandals and timeless or neutral heels. For a touch of glamour, opt for a pair of gold hoop earrings and an effortless blow out.

She’s a people person
Whether she’s helping a bride-to-be choose the perfect cake or reworking the seating plan to reduce their carbon footprint, a wedding planner needs to be able to understand what a couple really wants and why. This involves a lot of listening and feedback.

Jennifer Lopez is just brilliant as Mary Fiore, a hardworking woman who’s made a reputable career out of her bespoke wedding planning services. She’s a little bit of a workaholic, but she’s got a good heart and makes a difference in people’s lives.

She’s not scared to stand up for what she believes in and that’s a good thing. She’s also willing to take risks to achieve her dreams. This is key in such a saturated market. Niching down could be disastrous.

She’s organised
A wedding planner is more than just a ‘day-of’ person. She’s like a project manager for your big day, bringing together and managing all the behind-the-scene elements – from venues and caterers to entertainment and transport.

She’ll help you determine and manage your budget, schedule meetings with vendors and halal catering negotiate contracts. She’ll also create a detailed timeline and floor plan, and make sure deposits and payments are tracked.

A sexy wedding planner needs to be super organised to do her job well – she’ll use spreadsheets, Word documents or any other tool to keep track of everything. She’ll also have a dedicated email address for all her planning related emails to avoid her personal inbox going crazy. She’ll be the one that keeps you on track and on time, so you can have a stress-free, fun-filled wedding.

She’s creative
A good wedding planner is able to think outside the box, to create something new and unique for their clients. They’re able to turn a couple’s vision into reality.

They provide decor and vendor recommendations and help negotiate contracts. They can also assist with menu tastings, site tours, and guest accommodations.

They can also help couples establish and understand their budgets, track deposits and payments, and prepare timelines. They can help them connect with their dream team of vendors in each category and create a schedule that will keep them on track for the big day. They can also assist with designing their own invitations, save-the-date cards, and even their wedding website. They may even offer a pick and mix approach where the bride can hand over some of the planning to the planner, while keeping control of other aspects of their day.

She’s fun
Unlike Hollywood stereotypes, which depict wedding planners as sexy business women dressed in a suit, dictating how a couple should spend their money, and berating them for their decisions, a good wedding planner knows that the final word on invitations, venues, caterers and music belongs to the happy couple. She also understands that wedding planning can be fun.

She’ll have fun putting together all of the behind-the-scenes elements of your big day and will be sure to add her own creative spin on them. She’ll look professional and slightly formal (it is a wedding, after all) but will match any color scheme you choose.

Ellie Juengel is one of our favorite TikTok wedding planners to follow. She explains every step of her wedding planning process and offers helpful advice. She’s also funny and has a great personality.

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